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To uphold and enhance the dignity and quality of life of older adults by empowering them to take advantage of their healthcare and medication therapy, through self-advocacy and learning.

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Do you wish you could eliminate the medication overwhelm when caring for a loved one with dementia?

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This incredible eBook encapsulates Dr. Nathan's many years of direct clinical experience working with older adults and presents the information in easily digestible and organized language.

  • If you are an older adult, then this ebook is for you
  • If you are caring for an older adult with dementia and want to help them avoid medical complications while preserving their dignity, then this ebook is for you
  • Once you read and absorb the information in this ebook, you will have a sense of confidence and direction regarding geriatric medication therapy and dementia management
  • Your focus will shift away from the uncertainty of the diagnosis to a more goal-oriented path that allows you and your loved one to enjoy their time with family and friends

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Medication Safety and Dementia Management in the Elderly Ebook
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Medication Safety and Dementia Management in the Elderly Ebook
$5.99 USD